Stardust Perfume - VW, New Jersey

"I love this perfume! This is on my favorites list. The heavenly scent of gardenia, which is tastefully combined with other scents makes for a completely elegant and strikingly sexy fragrance. It arrived beautifully wrapped in an organza sachet—excellent for gift giving!"


NEW! Stardust Perfume - CR, Olympia, WA

“As a hardcore perfumista, 'Stardust', is one of the 5 most moving fragrances I've ever experienced. Much like Tahiti itself -- it's is an otherworldly, experience that will shake the perfume world. The Tiare flower hanging with heavy blooms in the night air. It appears creamy, with slightly fruity nuances almost like candy. Sultry, black coconut greeting you and permeating your headspace. And of course the bunches and bunches of Frangipani flowers in a celebration of the tropics. This fragrance literally holds and lulls me. An exotic voice reminding one that they belong here. And it bears a singular warning -- once experiencing a visit to Tahiti to inhale true Tiare gardenias -- your steps forward in the perfume world shall never be the same.”



Forbidden Fruit Parfum - DJ, Huntington Beach, CA

I feel like I need a thesaurus to accurately describe this perfume, because words like amazing and delicious do not accurately convey what it actually smells like. I can’t stop smelling my wrist, it has different hints that hit you at different times and just leave you going “oh my what is that? That smells so good!” Whatever it is, it smells like nothing I have ever worn before, and I am in love.”


Forbidden Fruit Perfume - ISLT, Lithuania

"The main felt lovely. I feel like this is my signature scent!! I am very happy to have this magic elixir. A little goes a long way, but when you are feeling sexy and bold, this is the perfume to choose. Also can be a professional scent as well, I think it is very well rounded and perfect for any occasion. Fruit leaves an amazing scent trail behind you, so you will smell glamorous wherever you go."



Ghost Flower Perfume - VW, New Jersey

"This is now my “go to” perfume. I absolutely love Ghost Flower. It is both gentle and powerful—the sweetest divine. A little goes a long way."



Balsam & Amber - ISLT, Lithuania

"This is the first unisex scent which I would be keen to wear. Just tried it today and after a couple of hours on my skin I have a lovely, subtle, subdued residue. It is very soft powdery, with a tiny hint of greenness or rather woodiness. Musky also, and warm, although in an very delicate way. I cannot see how one may not like this perfume, as it is very innocent."



NEW! Pink Amber Eau De Parfum - CR, Olympia WA

“O.M.G. the Pink. Amber. What a discovery! It smells like a rare piece of dark honeyed resin. A fossilized piece that is to be appreciated with homage. There is a restful calm in the resins, coupled with the light tropical florals far in the background. This one is cosmic, and I love wearing it when I'm in a restful mood. It's cosmic, like your own little piece of nirvana.”



NEW! Rose Lei Perfume Body Oil - CR, Olympia WA

“The Rose Lei is fun!! This one takes you on a trip to a happy Hawaiian day. Who would of thought roses would be put on Lei's? Well, they do it in Hawaii, apparently! And it sure was a wonderful and fragrant trip. The fragrance opens with a creamy burst of the tropics. The top notes are way high up there. Almost like the way an accord of lemon would produce the same thing. A bit deeper in the heart is a clear-eyed, creamy dreamy rose ittar -- exotic in it's own right. This is a fun fragrance -- as gleeful as receiving leis up to your eyeballs! Love it!”




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